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Service and Prices


We believe it is important to be transparent and up front about the services we offer and how much it will cost. We realise getting help from a professional can prove expensive and have set out to make the prices as affordable as we can. Please do not let cost stop you from getting support- speak to us about the options that might be available.

In the first instance please call or email us. We offer a free initial discussions via phone or email about what support or service you need and what we might be able to do to help. Also if you book us for an assessment or training session and you feel unhappy with our approach within the first half hour and wish to stop we will not charge you for the session (see Guarantees section below). So, please get in touch – you have nothing to lose!

We accept payment by cash, by Bacs or by Paypal.

Behavioural Cases

Standard Intervention. This is carried out in your own home and typically lasts 2  hours. During this session we shall go into your dogs issues, history, your concerns and your goals. I shall introduce and suggest what support I feel would help and explain what I feel is the best way to proceed to deal with the issues. You will receive a written support plan for your dog detailing what we discussed and the plan of action. This will be further supported with extra handouts detailing any functional training that we covered. There is also a follow up session included in the initial fee- this might include a structured set up session if your dog struggles with being around other dogs or people, or a support walk or another visit to the home. For more complex cases extra sessions may be needed and I shall advise this in the programme for your dog. You can have as many or as few extra sessions as you wish. Fee for the initial intervention, support plan and follow up session- £180. A deposit of £50 is needed to secure the booking with the balance payable at the assessment. You will also be asked to complete a short on line history form. Extra travel costs may be added, and if this is the case you will be advised of this at time of booking.

Extra Sessions Fees:  £50 per session for set up work, £40 for general support sessions/coaching walks. Sessions last approximately 1 hour. If I come out of Torbay for the session then travel costs may also be added. Block support packages are available on request.

NOTE: It is essential for many issues that the dog be checked with a Vet for any underlying medical problems before we start treating behaviours. This is especially true for issues involving aggression. If you have not come from a Vet referral I might make it a condition of us working together that you get this done.


1-2-1 Functional Training 

Functional training deals with teaching of new skills and cues such as sit, down, recall, retrieve, scent work, tracking, agility, trick training etc.

These services are now provided by our Trusted Training Partners and we will refer you on to the best suited professional. The services provided by our trusted Training Partners are charged at their current rates.


New puppy consultations.

With  my puppy 1 – 2 – 1 we will look at all the important aspects of having a puppy – house training, socialisation (MEGA IMPORTANT!!), teaching bite inhibition (MEGA MEGA IMPORTANT!), getting the right food, teaching good manners and looking at the basics of sit, down, recall and walking on a loose leash. I also cover the common puppy problems such as nipping, chewing, stealing, jumping up, barking etc and how to deal with them in a humane, non conflict way. You will learn about the facts behind dog behaviour not the myths. I also send you a free E Book by Ian Dunbar plus access to a fantastic training DVD.

My puppy 1 -2 – 1 last a couple of hours in your own home and is supported with handouts on all the areas we discuss. Plus you can contact me anytime for extra help and support as your pup grows up – sometimes just a chat on the phone can help!

Some clients have my session as well as going to puppy classes as they want the extra knowledge I provide.  I advise everyone to try and go to puppy classes as well if possible but some people cannot get to puppy classes or find the time commitment difficult with work etc – if that is you then the 1-2-1 will be a great help. (For details of the two puppy classes I recommend please see my links page). Fee – Standard price – £70 for a one off 1 2 1 session in your own home.  Package price: £120 includes the initial 1 2 1, a dedicated training only session and a dedicated training walk.


Guarantees. There can be no guarantees when dealing with dogs and their behavioural issues but the goal is always to get the dog to a better place mentally and emotionally. However we can make these guarantees about my service to you:

  • We will not use aversive punishments on your dog
  • We will explain everything in the suggested programme/training to you
  • If you are not happy with us or our methods you can stop within the first half hour and will not be charged
  • Our fees shall be explained upfront – no hidden extras
  • Your dog will be treated with kindness and understanding at all times
  • We will be up front about the severity of your issue and our ability to help you
  • We shall provide you with all the written supporting documentation you need to help in your training, written in a way that is easy to understand and follow
  • Anyone we refer you on to shall be known to us and in the case of trainers shall be positive, reward based in their approach
  • We are fully insured including public liability