Here are some lovely testimonials from respected colleagues, and you can find many five star reviews from past clients on Google and Facebook

"Andrew Hale is simply one of the most empathetic souls I have ever met. Whether communicating with dogs or humans, his calm, kind, wise demeanour shines through and CAM would not be without him. Bringing the “human” aspect to caring for animals, he adds a whole new dimension to how CAM can support you" 


Canine Arthritis Management

Kate DavyChartered Physiotherapist specialising in Animals ACPAT Cat ASouth West Animal Rehabilitation

“Multi-disciplinary team working with Andrew is as it should be, respectful, insightful and progressive, it is a huge privilege to call him a colleague”

We could not be more thrilled to connect through, “Do No Harm” care and training methods with Train Positive Dog Behaviour & Training. Any dog would be very fortunate indeed to be under Andrew and company’s competent and gentle wings.

Linda Michaels, M.A., Psychology, Creator of the Hierarchy of Dog Needs.

Andrew Hale is a fantastic behaviourist and has really helped me with some tricky cases. I love how he assesses the whole picture and looks to collaborate with other professionals as well as the owner to get the best outcome for the patient.

He explores into the animals experience and helps to understand the route of the problem, ultimately creating change for realistic and lasting outcomes. I am incredibly grateful for Andy’s input.

Dr H Simmonds MRCVS

(Silverton Vets)

Andrew has been holding behavioural clinics at our practice Molecare Vets, Newton Abbot.

He has been an invaluable addition to our practice allowing us to provide a service we would not normally be able to offer. We have received outstanding feedback from our clinic clients and thoroughly enjoy working with him,

Alexia Mills BVSc MRCVS

( Head Vet : Molecare)

I have been working closely with Andrew Hale for some time. He is now the only behaviourist that my practice refers its clients to. I have found the way he conducts himself to be professional, courteous and kind to both animals and owners that we have referred to him. 


 I have no hesitation in acting as a reference for Andrew, he is a much respected professional colleague whom I hold in the highest regard.



(Director Greenbay Vets)

I am an RSPCA  behaviour advisor. During my time at the RSPCA Little Valley Animal Shelter, Andy helped us with some of the more challenging cases we would see at our shelter. Andy (and his dogs!) have been a fantastic support and with his expertise we have successfully rehabilitated and rehomed some very troubled dogs. He has such a great approach with the dogs and clearly has a huge love and passion for what he does. Andy is a massive advocate for force free, positive training and I think he is making a big difference in getting this message out there in our local area

Rachel Sirdefield Behaviour Advisor RSPCA

“Andy is a one of a kind trainer and behaviourist. He has true compassion for both dog and human, and relays information in a in depth yet easy to understand manner. Andy has incredible knowledge and skill when working with dogs, I would recommend him to absolutely anyone and everyone.”

Rosie Charlotte Taylor-Trigg – Animal Behaviourist Cheltenham Animal Shelter

''Since my introduction to Andrew I have been nothing but impressed. Andrew's knowledge and passion for his area is outstanding but his ability to both apply this knowledge but also to pass on this knowledge to others is a true gift. Andrew's results achieved with some very challenging cases is testament alone and his ability to train the canine patients but also help their owners understand and develop with their pets is excellent.

I would not hesitate to recommend Andrew, we are lucky to have him as a resource in this area.

Dr Chris Hawkins BVetMed MRCVS